Get driving License

Get Driving License Quickly With Intensive Driving Course

Acquiring driving licence can be a long and expensive process, but there’s no need to feel daunted. Here’s a guide to help you glide through the process swiftly.

Step one: Applying For Your Provisional Driving Licence

You can apply for the driving licence once you’re over the age of 16 years. You can: With a provisional licence:

  • The initiation of learning to drive a vehicle begins at 16.
  • The initiation of learning to drive a car begins at 17.

You are unable to:

  • Running in a car without a driving instructor or anyone else who meets the necessary specifications.
  • Your provisional licence should arrive within a week.

Step Two: Find a Reliable and Good Driving Instructor

It is invaluable to have a competent driving coach. It might be a false economy, even if it could be enticing to save money and ask a friend or relative to teach you. A professional would have a much better sense of what you find in the exam and the potential to enhance your talents over time and save hot debates in the process between your friends and family. A fully trained instructor will also have his own vehicle, which will have dual locks, to teach you.

Where to Find a Good Instructor?

It would be best to rely on reviews, it is the easiest way to find a good teacher is. If you’re a young driver, you’re sure to meet a lot of people who are learning to drive at the same time Ask them if their coach will recommend them. You can use the Licensed Driving Instructor page on the website of the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) if you can not find any appropriate individual on recommendation.

Step Three: Starting Your Driving Lessons

For certain people, it would be the first time they have been in the driver’s seat of a vehicle with other vehicles on the road to start their driving lessons, so it can feel a bit overwhelming. But the correct teacher can lead you through it quickly and will start you off on very quiet roads. They will most likely take you somewhere for the first lesson, where they know there won’t be too much traffic.

Should I Take An Intensive Course?

Intensive driving courses in London, would give you the best chance of completing the driving test in the shortest period of time (otherwise known as the incorrectly called ‘crash course’). There are usually versatile one-to-one extended tuition classes in order to pass you on in as little time as possible. They usually collaborate with a teacher to create a lesson plan for your timetable or give you a variety of pre-designed plans appropriate for your budget and availability.

Six Driving Lesson Tips –

It’s an exciting time to start your driving lessons, but follow our six driving lesson tips to really make the most of them and optimize your value for money.

  • Until starting
  • Wear the appropriate footwear
  • Praxis between lessons
  • Longer and more regular lessons easily get you there.
  • Mock assessments are amazing!

Studying the theory test when learning to drive.

Step Four: Taking The Theory Test

Your teacher would typically suggest you book your theory exam after you’ve been learning to drive for a little while. Alongside your practical classes, you will finish this, but you will have to prepare between lessons on your own time. Don’t worry though in the parts below, we will give tips to help you prep for this exam.

Step Five: Taking Your Practical Test

Your enrolment in the intensive driving course in London will help you pass your theoretical exam. On the Government Site you can book your practical test online. There is also an alternative on the GOV website to search for cancellations of driving tests, which will allow you to book an earlier appointment if someone else cancels their appointment before yours.

Five Parts Of The Driving Test –

  • Sight check
  • Questions
  • General driving ability
  • Reversing your vehicle
  • Independent driving

This is a comprehensive and fail-proof way to get your driving license in London.