How an Intensive Driving Course is Different From Weekly Lessons?

When a learner driver wishes to take the first step towards learning to drive, the first dilemma is which course to choose, whether intensive driving course or weekly driving lesson. The two are different in their own unique way. Weekly lessons don’t always offer you enough time to finish the chosen exercise. This happens due to lack of time and hence it would require you to wait for a whole week prior to practicing the same exercise. Weekly lessons are more expensive and might take a few months to reach the set driving test standard.

Intensive driving course offers you more time to learn and make most of the course. When you enroll in an intensive driving course it gives you more time to practice. Intensive driving course can help you reach the driving test standard in a span of a few weeks. It is usually less money as compared to weekly lessons.

Intensive Driving Lessons Are The Key To Retaining More Information For Long –

An intensive driving course usually spans across several hours for a few consecutive days. This ensures that you retain the information for a longer duration. However, weekly lessons take place in gaps. This leads to more chances of forgetting the previous week learnings, which means you will be required to repeat the same exercises previously learned.

The intensive Driving course gives you a better chance to plan a learning schedule and in case you pass the theory test you can go out and work towards booking a practical driving test. However, in case of weekly lessons, it might be difficult to plan everything better, it could take you months before you consider enrolling yourself in a practical driving test.

Intensive Driving Courses in London are preferred more and considered to be beneficial for you, in case you have some foundation laid already. If you are accustomed to the basics of driving, such as using the clutch, steering, and changing gear, then intensive driving is the right choice for you.

These skills could be leaned off-road with family and friends or a few hours with a driving instructor. This will then give you the opportunity to concentrate on the main general driving skills and required exercises for the practical driving test. So, for possibly the fastest way to learn to drive, reach test standard, and achieve a full driving license with a few weeks, then an intensive driving course will be the right choice for you.