New to Motorway Driving? Keep These Tips in Mind

There are tons of misconceptions surrounding the reputations of motorways. It is considered a reckless path to traverse, with dangers in the way. For new drivers, it has been observed that the motorway seems like an extremely challenging task. Since, the introduction of the new law in June 2018 the number of learner drivers to opt for motorways driving lessons has risen in England, Scotland, and Wales. There are several driving schools where one can join motorway driving course Docklands to learn how to drive with the help of professionals.

In case, you are new to the driving realm or hold plenty of experience, yet feel that motorway travel as a daunting task. Here, are motorway driving tips especially helpful for newbies:

  • A major concern that people express when driving on the motorway for the very first time is breaking down. Hence, the ideal option would be to quickly check the car and its condition. Check the tread depth, tyre pressure, brake fluid, lights, oils, windscreen wipers, and coolant levels. 
  • The slip road is carefully situated to allow you to match the speed of the vehicles travelling in the left lane. Your ideal choice would be to keep moving with the same pace and wait for a suitable gap before merging safely into the traffic flow. 
  • When exiting the motorway, be sure to move into the left side of the lane first. The Motorway exit is visible and marked. Remember to keep an eye on the speed even after exiting the motorway when you are attending the motorway driving lessons in East London
  • There is some specified speed limit for cars and motorcycles, be sure to adhere to them. The two-second rule must be adhered to at all costs. Two seconds is considered the minimum time that must be maintained between your vehicle and the vehicle in front. 
  • Drivers must always travel in the left lane unless you are overtaking in case of slow traffic. Only in case of slow traffic can you overtake using lanes two and three. Move back to your lane smoothly after overtaking.
  • Mirrors are not something to merely show off, they have a legitimate use, and one must learn to use them wisely to become a good driver. Keep using your mirrors, so you are always aware of your surroundings. Keep in mind that all the mirrors that you use have some blind spots that are capable enough to prevent you from seeing motorbike or a car that might be approaching from behind. Get accustomed to mirrors while you are still learning with the Motorway driving course Docklands to develop a habit of using mirrors while driving.
  • Be sure to stop and take breaks. If it is a long journey, you must keep some buffer time and take some quick and short breaks. You would require it to trace a long path.
  • Don’t be naïve, you must know the motorway signals and there specific meaning. 
  • A mandatory legal requirement is having your car insurance in place before you hit the road. Make sure you have your car insurance with you every time you step out.

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